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Find the right agent for your book and your career 

You've dedicated years to your writing. You've sacrificed vacations and weekends to write. You've polished your manuscript until it gleams. It's time to send your baby out to the world to be published. But where do you start? 

Answer: Marketing 

Before you sell your book to readers, you'll need to sell your book to an agent or editor. Your manuscript is your product. Now you need to sell it. Unfortunately, being a great writer doesn’t mean you’re a great marketer.

For fifteen years I've helped my corporate clients sell their products and services. Now, as a writer of adult and children's novels, I focus my marketing skills on what I love best: inspiring and helping other writers on their journey to publication.

I can help you...

● Create the sales tools you need to attract an agent or editor's attention:
  • a powerful pitch
  • an attention-getting query letter, and 
  • a succinct synopsis
● Research the right agent for you with my agent-matching service

● Provide the necessary developmental editing to make your manuscript shine in today's competitive market

Polish your marketing tools: 
Marketing is what it takes to publish your manuscript, and selling your manuscript to an agent is only the first step. Your agent markets your manuscript to an editor. An editor has to sells it to his publishing house, and the publisher markets your book to your future readers.

Getting your manuscript published all starts with a winning pitch and query letter that make a busy agent stand up and notice. I'll create a query letter, a pitch, and a synopsis that reflect your writing and your style, and most importantly, sell your book.

Call or e-mail me today for a no-obligation quote.    Lori Cronwell   503-201-4612

Agent/Editor Matching Service
Too many smart writers make a classic mistake: submitting to agents arbitrarily instead of tackling the research required to find the right agent. You need to know what genres agents represent, if they except unsolicited submissions, what materials they require in their queries, and how they receive submissions (e-mail, snail mail, online form).

Many new writers simply want to find an agent – any agent – and waste years realizing they made a career-killing mistake by saying yes to the first agent who showed interest. Keep in mind, signing with an agent is like getting married and your books are your children. Even if you divorce, you’re bound together for the life of the books you published together.

Finding the right agent takes time, research and access to the latest information. Every agent has different requirements for submissions and their interests and their careers are in a constant flux. I stay on top of the latest news, agent moves, and trends in the publishing industry. I follow the changing tastes of agents and what books they have recently signed on to represent. I’ll direct you only to agents who are accredited and have a solid reputation and most importantly, have the publishing connections to sell your book.

Call or e-mail me today for a no-obligation quote.    Lori Cronwell   503-201-4612

Expedite your publication with a comprehensive marketing package
For writers ready to publish their novel, I offer a complete package of marketing and developmental editing services. Here’s what I can do:

● Read your manuscript in its entirety with an agent’s eye.

● Make developmental suggestions for where your manuscript needs improvement.

● Let you know if your manuscript is ready for prime time. After all, my aim is to get you published and the better your manuscript, the better your odds. I’ll provide a quote for any developmental editing required.

● Conduct an extensive search for the best agents for you, your book, and your career.

● Work with you to develop a powerful pitch that sells your manuscript using language that not only reflects your novel, but fits your style and voice.

● Suggest writing conferences where you can pitch to specific agents and editors looking for your type of book.

● Develop a query letter that will attract the attention of the right agent or editor.

● Write a tight synopsis of your book that reflects the tone and style of your writing and fits the format agents require.

● Ensure your first five to fifty pages sent to an agent are stellar so that the agent is compelled to request the entire manuscript.

● I can’t guarantee overnight success. The publishing world is constantly changing and agents and editors tastes are subjective. But I can help you increase your odds tremendously and save you months and even years of waiting to have your work published.

Call or e-mail me today for a no-obligation quote.    Lori Cronwell  503-201-4612

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